The GutCheck Wrestling Sled

Size Guide

The Wrestling Sled is the ultimate strength and conditioning tool to build functional strength, explosive power and lasting endurance on the mat. Developed and utilized by Coach Myers for years while training elite wrestlers, the Wrestling Sled is now available for you to implement into your team’s training regimen.

All orders receive a FREE E-Book, Sled Training for Wrestling, that details 20 unique exercises using the wrestling sled.  E-book contains pictures, descriptions and video links to Coach Myers demonstrating all movements. No guess work!


  • Power Development
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Speed
  • Sport Specific Strength
  • Unique design glides effortlessly, causing no damage to wrestling mats
  • Heavy duty construction can hold as much weight as the strongest athletes can handle
  • Body constructed of heavy gauge steel
  • Handles constructed of rolled thick wall tubing to enable pushing sled from either direction.
  • Center upright thick wall tubing to allow adding plate weights for more resistance.
  • Bottom of base covered with fully bound tight nap carpet for protection of wrestling mats.  Carpets are attached with plates and fasteners allowing for replacement of carpet after wear.
  • Eye bolt anchors on either end to allow sled to be pulled both directions.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Please note the sled does not come with a strap
$95 flat rate shipping via US carrier

“Sled training is critical for wrestlers to build power, speed and endurance.  Using the Wrestling Sled will make a big impact on your performance during competition”

-Nathan Tomasello, NCAA Champion, 4 x All American, 4 x Big10 Champion