How to use the Westside Barbell Athletic Training Platform

The Westside ATP (formerly known as the Belt Squat) is an extremely versatile training tool for both powerlifters and athletes.  The ATP works by suspending weight below the hips and it's unique cable system allows for a wide range of movements.  The arrangement of the belt and pulleys actually provides traction to the low back and maintains alignment in the pelvis - making squat movements a reality for lifters who avoid traditional barbell squats due to lower back or disc injuries.  In addition to squat and deadlift variations there are an almost unlimited number of sport specific movements that can be performed on the ATP.  In this video, WSB coach Tom Barry teaches Coach Myers some wrestling/grappling specific uses for the ATP:

ATP for Wrestlers

Old School Gym announces partnership with Westside Barbell

We are proud to announce that OSG is partnering with Westside Barbell to manufacture an exclusive line of Old School Gym strength equipment.  Our equipment will be manufactured right here in the United States using only USA steel.

Westside Barbell is owned by legendary powerlifting coach Louie Simmons.  Universally recognized as the strongest gym in the world, Louie operates WSB like a living laboratory where athletes and powerlifters under go constant experiments to test the boundaries of strength and performance.  “Louie’s dedication to the strength world his entire life has been super inspirational to me.  Being stronger, bigger, and performing better has dominated my thoughts since I was 15 years old and continues to this day.  I’m proud to work with a living legend to provide cutting edge equipment to flat out make people stronger”, said Cory G.

In addition to hundreds of strength articles and books, WSB has developed unique and specialized strength equipment to help athletes and lifters progress at an elite level.  Some of the equipment WSB will manufacture with the Old School Gym logo include their patent Inverse Hamstring Curl, The Athletic Training Platform, and The Competition Bench Press.  Having these pieces available bearing the Old School Gym insignia will be a source of pride for OSG affiliates and encourage gyms to implement some of the advanced training methods they make possible.

“Tom Barry (WSB general manager and performance coach) has been a huge help to me during my time at Ohio State.  Elite athletes need to be challenged in sometimes unorthodox manners and there are training methods I use with the Athletic Training Platform that just can’t be replicated on other equipment.  I’m excited to partner up with Tom and Louie to make this equipment available and to help spread the knowledge they have taught me”, said Coach Myers.

Westside Barbell and The Old School Gym have had a longstanding positive relationship and a mutual respect that originates from Cory G admiring and eager to learn from Louie when he began to venture into the powerlifting world.  Although WSB is an invite only facility, Louie and co. have always maintained an open door policy with our team of lifters.  Recently, the entire 4am Crew traveled with Cory from the far east side to the far west side of Columbus for an early training session at the worlds strongest gym.  WSB and OSG have even appeared together on a published list of the nation’s most hardcore gyms - with OSG coming in at #10 and WSB holding down the top spot.

Stay tuned for an announcement when Old School Gym Strength Equipment by WSB will be available!

To see one of the wrestling conditioning drills that Coach Myers utilizes on the Athletic Training Platform click here:

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