The GutCheck Guide to Blue Collar Strength | E-Book By Dustin Myers

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by Coach Dustin Myers, CSCS

There is a certain strength that comes from an honest days work that is different than the strength that is built in a traditional gym or from playing sports.  The repetition of grueling tasks hour after hour, day after day builds calluses on the hands, endurance in the mind and full body strength that makes a blue collar worker more equipped for life’s challenges. In his latest e-book, Coach Myers is bringing you a unique training program unlike anything you have ever seen that mixes foundational strength training with unorthodox movements to mimic the demands of a blue collar lifestyle and build the incredible functional strength that comes with it.

“Coach Myers is hands down one of the best functional strength coaches I have worked with.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with the best athletes in the world!”

Brandon Wynn, Team USA Gymnast, World Bronze Medalist

This program contains:

  • Keys to the program
  • Blue Collar Strength Training Program
    • Week 1: Farm Work Horse
    • Week 2: Firefighter Fit
    • Week 3: Lumber-Jacked
    • Week 4: Steel Mill Strong
    • Week 5: Blue Collar Work
  • Comprehensive Exercise Library
  • Yoga
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • The Mental Component of Blue Collar Work
  • ...and more!

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