The Ultimate Pump 2.0 | E-Book By Dustin Myers & Reece Humphrey

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by Coach Dustin Myers CSCS & Reece Humhprey

Coach Myers has been training clients and athletes at a high level since 1999. Let him help you get your training on track to reaching your goals with one of his most challenging workout plans ever, The Ultimate Pump 2.0.

For this new edition of his infamous Ultimate Pump program, Coach Myers teamed up with longtime training partner and 3 x World Team member Reece Humphrey.  Their goal was to take the original high volume heavy weight strength plan and make it more intense by adding daily finishers, conditioning routines and new challenges.

"I’ve been lifting and working out my entire life; trying new workouts constantly. I promise you there isn’t anything like the Ultimate Pump! It’s extremely difficult but the results are crazy! If you’re tough enough to follow the plan exactly you will reach levels you didn’t know we’re possible!  I use this plan with my athletes at the New Jersey Regional Training Center.  We do all of the Ultimate Pump exercises one by one and then back to back before doing the Finisher" -Reece "Highlight" Humphrey

NEW for version 2.0:

  • Updated 6 week Ultimate Pump 2.0 Strength Plan
  • added Ultimate Pump style finishers on EVERY workout
  • added cardio and sprint workouts to improve conditioning
  • Ultimate Pump & Plank Challenge
  • Ultimate Pump & Run 2.0
  • Ultimate Pump & Squat Challenge
  • The Reece Hump Pumps
  • Swolemate Ultimate Pump
  • Ultimate Pump & Sprint Challenge


  • The OG Ultimate Pump - the workout that started it all
  • Full Exercise Library
  • The Importance of Training Partners
  • Nutrition Tips and Hacks

This will be the most effective bodybuilding program you have ever tried!  Traditional bodybuilding workouts are stale and stagnant, focusing only on aesthetics - this program will increase your strength, overall muscle mass, definition and your endurance.  Get ready to GET PUMPED!

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