GutCheck Guide to Conditioning Sub 60 at 40 | E-Book By Dustin Myers, CSCS

Size Guide

GutCheck Guide to Conditioning
Sub 60 at 40

by Coach Dustin Myers, CSCS

Coach Myers is a world renowned strength coach and is famous for his core strength - his "Top 10 Toughest Core Exercises" has over 4 million views on Youtube. At age 40, Coach Myers is still consistently improving his condoning, setting new PRs and seeking out new endurance challenges - and for the first time he is sharing his 12 week program designed to take anyone on a journey from novice cardio to elite level conditioning.

My goal was never just to become a good runner.  This program is designed to help you become better and more efficient at everything that life throws at you.  Rather than just being specialized at one thing I want you to be capable of anything.  To me, being in shape means being able to swim across a river, climb a mountain, carry all the bags of groceries in one trip (ha!), and still run faster after that is done”. 

  • 12 Week progressive Conditioning program
  • Strength Plan included
  • Activation routine for injury prevention
  • Interactive tracking sheets
  • Keys to the Program
  • Acclimation Plan
  • Understanding Energy Systems 
  • Strength Exercise Library
  • + more!


*THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format.You will not receive a physical book. Download on any computer, tablet, or phone.Instant download means you can START TODAY!  The interactive (writable) tracking sheets will download as a separate PDF 

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Size Chart
 Size Chest Length
S 36" 28"
M 40" 29"
L 44" 30"
XL 48" 31"
XXL 52" 32"


This size chart pertains specifically to t-shirts and hoodies.

Please note that sizes are approximate. Chest is measured just below the arms and length is measured from the high point of the collar to the bottom of the hem.