Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling: Off Season 2nd Edition | E-Book by Dustin Myers

Size Guide


by Coach Dustin Myers

Coach Myers has trained athletes since 2001 and has been the head strength coach for The Ohio Regional Training Center since 2012.  He has worked with champion wrestlers at every level of the sport - from youth to the Olympic games, and his Strength & Conditioning for Wrestling e-book series is utilized by coaches, athletes and parents across the globe to help wrestlers improve performance.

Originally released in 2017, his Off-Season training e-book has been updated with an entirely  new training plan based on an additional two years of research and practical application.  This is the definitive guide to building strong wrestlers during the off season.

  • 25 Week Post-Season Strength Plan  [March - August]  ***ALL NEW FOR 2ND EDITION***

    • Weeks 1 - 4 Acclimation [focus: transition to weight training after season ends]
    • Weeks 5 - 10 Growth [focus: Hypertrophy, strength]
    • Week 11 - Testing [Athlete Evaluation]
    • Weeks 12 - 17 Total Body Strength & Size [focus: Strength, hypertrophy]
    • Weeks 18 - 21 Blue Collar Strong [focus: sport specific strength, functional conditioning]
    • Weeks 22 - 25 Power Performance [focus: Power and strength development]
  • Tracking Sheets  ***NEW FOR 2ND EDITION***
  • Dynamic Stretch/Active Warm Up
  • Full Exercise Index
  • How to fix 4 more common strength deficiencies
  • Conditioning schedule/philosophy for the post season
  • Technique articles
  • 5 Strength factors crucial to wrestling
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • What should wrestlers eat after weigh-ins? ***NEW FOR 2ND EDITION***
  • Team Challenges


    "Typically I don’t write reviews or do much of anything on social media.  However, as a High School wrestling and strength & conditioning coach, I just have to say what a tremendous year round program Coach Myers has developed.  

    I have been using it as a template for 3+ years now and my wrestlers have bought in and found it a tremendous asset to their wrestling careers.  All things being equal, the stronger wrestler wins.  It’s that simple and Coach Myers program is as good as it gets and I highly recommend it to all wrestling coaches. Whenwrestlers see results they buy in and then it takes off.  

    As examples of the success my wrestlers have had with it:  I have had several wrestlers place high at PA states.   Several have been recruited and are now wrestling at the D-1 level at schools like Lehigh, Oklahoma, and Penn.  Some have been recruited and are now wrestling at Prep schools that are known for their wrestling programs.  One of my wrestlers has won a National Championship at the D-3 level as a freshman. Even those that don’t reach such lofty status have greatly improved their abilities and results.   The results speak for themselves and again I highly recommend the use of Coach Myers programs".  

    -Coach Mac, Manheim Central, Pennsylvania


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