GutCheck Guide to Core Strength | E-Book By Dustin Myers

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GutCheck Guide to Core Strength

by Coach Dustin Myers

Coach Myers is a world renowned strength coach and is famous for his core strength - his "Top 10 Toughest Core Exercises" has over 2.5 million views on Youtube.  In this E-Book he will teach you his core strength secrets and challenge the traditional thinking when it comes to abdominal training.


Blueprint to Core Strength
  • 4 week Beginner Program
  • 4 week Intermediate Program
  • 5 week Advanced Super Human Program

Complete Core Strength Library
Pictures, detailed descriptions and technique VIDEOS for all 70+ exercises

Extreme Core Challenges
Common Core Training Mistakes
Rotational vs Anti-rotational Movements
Nutrition in a Nutshell
6 Key Ingredients for Conditioning
4 Treadmill Routines for ripped Abs
+ more!


  • THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format.You will not receive a physical book. Download on any computer, tablet, or phone.Instant download means you can START TODAY!

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