Wrestling Strength - Home Workout Edition Volume 2 | E-Book By Dustin Myers, CSCS

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by Coach Dustin Myers, CSCS

Coach Myers has used his expertise and creativity to create a structured, challenging strength plan for athletes that do not have access to a gym.  This 5 week plan can be utilized by any athlete from beginner to advanced and does not require any equipment.  The full exercise library provides detailed technique descriptions and shows how to utilize common household items such as steps and stairs to do traditional strength movements.

What is NEW in Volume 2?

  • ALL NEW 5 week training plan, with workouts 7 days per week.
  • over 30 additional home based exercises that were not included in the previous program.
  • weekly running/conditioning schedule (where as Volume 1 only contained strength workouts)
  • specific daily warm up protocol
  • Yoga routine
  • Sandbag workouts for functional conditioning
  • new Core Stability routine

“I highly recommend Coach Myers’ Strength and Conditioning plan.  I have known him since coming to OSU and he has helped me and countless elite athletes reach their goals on the mat through improving their strength and endurance.  If you are looking to take your wrestling to the next level this is the book you need.”

- Logan Stieber, 2016 World Champion, 4 x NCAA Champion, 4 x Big10 Champion

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