The GUTcheck Push-Up Challenge

by Andrew Rosensweig

Everyone loves a good push up challenge, right?  Well I got a tough one for you with a little core strength twist.  This Challenge involves three exercises, all of which are done in a “push up position” - Stability Alternates, Plank Walk Ups, and of course, Push Ups.  You are going to cycle thru a superset of these exercises starting with only 1 repetition of each (stability alternates require a rep on each side to count as 1 repetition)


Start in a Push Up position and perform one Push Up, one Stability Alternate on each side and one full Plank Walk Up.  Immediately do 2 reps of each, then a round of 3 each and so on.  Once you can no longer complete any more reps, get out of position (butt up in the air, etc.), or if your knees touch the ground then the challenge is over.  Push Ups must be full extension and chest touching the floor at the bottom.  Stability Alternates should be held for a split second at the top.


How many rounds do you think you can do?  I tried it for the first time and completed a tough 8 rounds (composed of 36 Push Ups, 72 Stability Alternates (36 per side), and 36 Plank Walk Ups.  My goal was a full 10 rounds but my core was getting so exhausted that by the 8th round I was having trouble staying in position.  I’m sure that after a few more tries I can finish 10.  


Here’s the breakdown of the other two exercises:


Stability Alternates

start in a push up position and slowly raise one leg and the opposite arm, holding each rep for 1-2 seconds at the top.  Do not allow your body to twist or your hips to rotate.

Plank Walk Ups

Start in a push up position then “walk down” into a plank by bending one arm and then the other.  Once in a plank position, “walk” back up into a push up position, keeping your body straight and core tight the entire time.

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