Powerlifting- No Pre Reqs

by Eian Birtcher

When should I start? Are my numbers good enough? I will compete when I hit this number on this lift. These are some of the common things I hear when meets are coming up. I want to give a few reasons why you need to stop waiting, and start competing in powerlifting.

Gives Purpose- One of the biggest problems in training is lack of intention and purpose. Signing up for a meet will fix this issue, it gives you a clear goal, get the highest total on three specific lifts. When you start coming into the gym with a purpose, your training will be more effective, regardless of what program you are on.

Sets a Standard- A great thing about powerlifting, is that it isn’t subjective, weight is weight. After your first meet you will truly know how well you can display your strength, nine lifts in one day, simple. Whether you bomb out your lifts, or PR all your lifts, you know where you stand. You now have specific, measurable numbers to gauge from. Take everything you learn in a meet and use it to adjust your training. 

  • Everyone Wants you to Win- If you fail a lift, the only person that is going to remember it is you, there is no reason to dwell on it. Of all the meets I have competed in or been to, I have never found someone who wanted another person to fail a lift.  It doesn’t matter what weight is on the bar, people want to see someone grind out a PR. Get on the platform.

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