Old School Gym - FIRST Affiliate location: New Philadelphia, Ohio

by Anastasia Bradley


Team OSG is proud to announce that the first OSG Affiliate location is open for business at 754 Allen Lane SE, New Philadelphia, Ohio.  OSG New Philly is owned and operated by Eian Birtcher.  Eian is a Mechanical Engineer by day, gym owner by night (and early morning), and a true blue collar meat head cut from the same cloth as Cory G and Coach Myers.  He is a competitive powerlifter and ju jitsu practitioner, and specializes in training for a wide range of athletes.

"We couldn't be more excited for our first affiliate location to be opening in eastern Ohio, close to where we grew up and developed a love for the iron.  Eian has been around OSG for awhile - coming up to train here and there, and competing in our powerlifting events.  He has the same training mentality and vision for what a real gym should be.  It's a perfect match and I know he is going to do great things with OSG New Philly", said Coach Myers.

For questions about memberships or personal training contact: Eian.birtcher@oldschoolgym.com

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Additional OSG affiliates are slated for opening in 2018.  To read more about the affiliate program check the Affiliates Tab on the home page.


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