Lat Stretch for Shoulder Mobility

October 15, 2018

What is going on guys, happy Mobility Monday! There is no better way to start the week than by getting a solid training session in, and your training has to include focusing on your weak points. This week’s Mobility Monday Tip focuses on a stretch for you lattisimus dorsi. This is the long, very large muscles that spans from your shoulder, scapulae, ribs all the way to your iliac crest on your hip. To start this movement you will get in a quadruped position. From there you will reach out with the opposite hand of the lat you are stretching, following that you will reach the arm of the lat you are stretching over that hand and lean back into the stretch. This will provide an intense stretch for the lat. Lat flexibility is huge for front squats, bench and overall posture. If your lat flexibility is lacking, it won't allow you to be in an efficient front rack position, it won't allow you to engage your lats during the bench press properly anti won't allow your posture to be as efficient as it could be because when you are tight in that region it can cause your shoulders to round forward. Give this a shot and have a great Monday!


Todd Sabol - Contributor


Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Functional Examination, Soft Tissue Treatment


BS, Marietta College, 2015

MS, Ohio University, 2017


BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, 2015

OTPTAT Licensed Athletic Trainer, 2015


Currently is in his third year as Head Athletic Trainer at New Lexington High School providing sports medicine services for all athletes. He is the owner of his own sports medicine seminar business which provides seminars for Ohio coaching certifications. He also provides treatment at Old School Gym for Cory Gregory and numerous other members.

"I have always strived to be a practitioner of what I do. Whether that was being a collegiate soccer player or now engaging in powerlifting and bodybuilding, I strive to push my body to its limits like the clients I treat so I can be a more effective clinician. I get no better feeling than having someone leaving a treatment session with me feeling, moving and performing better, it is the reason I love what I do."

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