How Old School Gym Has Shaped Me

by Thomas Covert

I am a firm believer that if you surround yourself with positive people your life will change in positive ways. It sounds cliché but there is a reason people say it repeatedly, it is the truth. To say that my life has changed in a positive way since I fist stepped foot in the Old School Gym almost 6 years ago would be an understatement. My life has changed in ways that I never thought possible and I have made more connections here than anywhere else in my life. I started training with Dustin my sophomore year of high school in order to gain strength for football. Simply put I needed the help, I was out of shape, weak, and lacked any self-confidence. After thousands of compounded hours I have been able to transform my entire life through consistent work and guidance form Dustin, Cory as well as countless other motivating people here at Old School. Obviously, physically I have changed quite a bit. I have lost roughly 80lbs and have been able to keep it off and build muscle as well as strength over my time here.

The biggest change I see in myself however is not something you can see. I have grown more mentally over the last 6 years than I ever imagined possible. Confidence is the first word that stands out in my mind when I think about how Old School has changed my life. Training at Old School has helped me develop confidence, which shows in every aspect of my life. Training is not a just something I like to do, it is my lifestyle. It has showed me that with consistent work anything is achievable if you are welling to commit to it. The values that I have developed and continue to develop from being around Dustin, Cory and other positive influences at Old School have changed my life forever. This has become not only my passion but also my career. I was presented with the opportunity to train clients at Old School over 3 years ago and have continued to do so ever since. I wake up every single day and get the opportunity to help people transform their lives in the same way I did and I could not be more thankful for that. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for my OSG family and I.


-Thomas Covert

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