Gutcheck Workout

by Nate Tomasello
A. Warm Up: Jog/Stretch
B. Power Circuit: 10 rounds
     Deadlift - 5 reps
     T-Bar Row - 8 reps
     DB Chest Press - 6 reps
C. Core Superset: 3 rounds
     Pikes on Swiss Ball 20
     DB Pull Overs on Swiss Ball w/Crunch 10

A. 2 Mile Run max effort
B. Superset: 5 rounds
     Rope Climb or 10 Towel Pull Ups 1
     Med Ball Push Ups 15
     Barbell Curls 6
     DB Skullcrushers 6
     Walking Lunges (body weight)- 2 minutes
C. 6 minute Plank

A. Jump Rope 20 minutes
B. Standing DB Shoulder Press 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
C. Superset: 4 rounds
     DB Front Raises -10
     Shoulder Flys -10
     Bent Over Flys -10
D. Barbell Shrugs 10x10

A. Warm Up: 1 mile jog
B. Power Circuit: 10 rounds
     Front Squat - 5
     DB Rows - 8 each side
     Dips - Max Reps
C. 1 mile run

A. Do each exercise for 1 minute, with 1 minute jump rope between each exercise.:
     Chinese Push Ups
     Stability Alternates
     Hyper Extension on Swiss Ball
     DB Side Bends (1 set each side)
     Supermans w/ plates on ball
     Neck Plank
- go thru entire circuit 3 times

A. Warm Up: Stretch/Jog
B. Superset: 4 rounds
     1/2 mile run
     10 Wide Pull Ups
     10 Dips
     10 Underhand Chin Ups
     10 Bodyweight Skull Crushers
     10 Ring Rows
     10 Push Ups

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