Frog Stretch For Mobile Hips

by Todd Sabol

What is going on guys, happy Mobility Monday! There is no better way to start the week than by getting a solid training session in, and your traininghasto include focusing on your weak points. This week’s Mobility Monday Tip focuses on another mobility movement for your adductor complex. I know it seems like we have already done 4 other mobility movements for this part of the lower extremity, but it’s because so many people struggle with mobility and/or pain in the adductor area or groin. Like we have talked about in the past, it’s very important to audit yourself and your movement; what type of pain do you feel, during what movements does it bother you, is it worse before or after a workout, do you have any numbness or abnormal sensation? It’s vital to constantly question what it is that you are actually feeling, because when you combine this information with modalities to help treat your pain, it will increase the likelihood that you on are the right track. In the case that what you are working on is not alleviating your pain, or you just need another opinion, you can still take all of that information you have already gathered and it can help the physician or ortho that you are seeing to pinpoint what is actually going on.

The mobility movement that we look at this week is the frog stretch. I have never heard it called anything else so if you have heard different naming let us know! This movement starts in the quadruped position just like our movement from last week. From that position you will spread your knees out on the floor, and while keeping your knees bent, you can spread them as far as you would like or are able to. From there, you will begin to lean back into this frog position. It probably will not take you long to feel the stretch. Allow yourself to lean in to it, hangout for 1 minute or so, and then lean back a little further. This stretch is not meant to be quick or associated with a lot of movement. Find your initial position where you feel a good stretch and hangout for about a minute. Lean back a little more and repeat this a few times and your adductor and hips will feel great!

Todd Sabol - Contributor


Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Functional Examination, Soft Tissue Treatment


BS, Marietta College, 2015

MS, Ohio University, 2017


BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, 2015

OTPTAT Licensed Athletic Trainer, 2015


Currently is in his third year as Head Athletic Trainer at New Lexington High School providing sports medicine services for all athletes. He is the owner of his own sports medicine seminar business which provides seminars for Ohio coaching certifications. He also provides treatment at Old School Gym for Cory Gregory and numerous other members.

"I have always strived to be a practitioner of what I do. Whether that was being a collegiate soccer player or now engaging in powerlifting and bodybuilding, I strive to push my body to its limits like the clients I treat so I can be a more effective clinician. I get no better feeling than having someone leaving a treatment session with me feeling, moving and performing better, it is the reason I love what I do."

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