First Affiliate- The Old School Gym New Philadelphia

by Eian Birtcher
The fitness world is very broad, but contains many little niches. Being from the Ohio Valley it did not take me long to find mine. I had been lifting weights for less than a year when I came across Dustin Myers. A local pro fighter mentioned something about GutCheck Strength and Conditioning on Twitter so I had to take a look at it. Instantly I was hooked, I saw Dustin working out in a gym with old beat up equipment,  music blasting, and jerseys all over the walls. On top of that, the training and lifestyle was completely different than anything I had been doing. At that time I was working out at a physical rehabilitation center so Old School Gym was about as different as you could get, and I knew it was where I needed to be.

In June 2014 I made my first trip to Old School Gym to train with Coach Myers. Getting to experience Old School Gym first hand sealed the deal. At that point I knew I needed to bring something like this to my area. I began to brainstorm ideas with my twin brother on how we would open a a gym like old school in my hometown, Carrollton.

While I was on vacation later in 2014, Cory had a Twitter contest, with a chance that he would randomly call you for "Monday Motivation". That day, I was lucky enough to get the call. I hadn't met Cory yet, but I used that opportunity to pick his brain, and to tell him I was going to open a gym just like Old School in my area. From that point, I knew it was going to happen, one way or another.

Fast forward three years, with college, getting married, moving to North Carolina, moving back to Ohio taking place, it was finally time to take action. Three years, the plan was still in my head, and it was time to make it a reality. My brother and I came very close to purchasing a fully operational gym, Rocky Road, but that fell through. Even with another set back, I still kept moving forward. In 2017, Old School announced the affiliate program, immediately I knew that was the way I was going to go.

The affiliate program outlines some of the things you'll need, from equipment, to the building and so on. I started to get everything moving before I even submitted my application. After getting in touch with the one and only, Netty G, I told her, not only do I want to be an affiliate, but I want to be the FIRST affiliate of Old School Gym. The key here was, to immediately follow up with action. In this time, I had filled my garage with equipment, and had been negotiating the lease of a building. I mocked up the layout of the equipment in the gym, and made a breif business plan, presented it to Netty, and told her I was ready. Old School really wasn't looking to open an affiliate until the beginning of 2018, but I thought if I could get everything lined up, they couldn't say know when I told them I wanted to open early.

Netty, Cory, and Dustin got on board, they were willing to make it happen. I signed my lease, and then it was time to make the real commitment, the affiliate agreement. They organized a little seminar and I went to Columbus to seal the deal. I met Cory and Netty with a stack of cash in hand, and officially signed the papers to be the FIRST affiliate owner in October 20, 2017. Three years of planning, followed up with action, my dream was finally becoming a reality.

Closing in on my first year of business, I could not be happier with the experience, meeting and getting to know the members, bringing in people from all over the country for powerlifting meets, and getting to partner with the guys I looked up to, and still do, has been an amazing experience. Looking forward to what's in store with Team OSG!

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