Deep 6 Stretch

by Todd Sabol

What is going on guys, happy Mobility Monday! There is no better way to start the week than by getting a solid training session in, and your training has to include focusing on your weak points. This week’s Mobility Monday Tip focuses on a movement for the piriformis and glutes. This figure 4 stretch will help open up the posterior hip musculature and is for people of all flexibility types. If you struggle with your mobility in this area, you may not be able to lean back much at all, whereas if your flexibility is good, you may be able to roll all the way back. Either way you will feel this stretch in the entirety of your glutes and your deep external rotators. The deep six muscles are a group of small muscles that attach on the sacrum and other areas of the pelvis and connect it to the femur. These muscles allow our hips to externally rotate and provide a lot of force production and stability at the hip joint during movements that we do in the gym everyday. They can also be neglected quite often in terms of stretching and mobility, which is why this stretch is a great way to target them. You will start this movement by lying on your back and getting into a modified figure-4 position by crossing one leg up onto another one that is flexed up. From there you will reach and grab the knee of the leg that is flexed and will pull back on it until you feel a nice stretch. This will open up your hips quite a bit and is a great recovery stretch if you are feeling sore! If you need more instruction, head over to our instagram to see the stretch shown!


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